[News]  Steps for donations of BabyRan E-points

This server is lifetime free and only for study purpose.
It is not for profit. Player can voluntarily donate through the following modes of remittance,
Thanks for your donations to our server, may you enjoy the game.

Terms of remittance for donations

1. Before your donation, please do understand, your donation will be used for the operational investment of the best server and the purchase or upgrading of the hardware and software for better game environment. Besides, every year end, the surplus of donations will be donated to the international recognized Red Cross anonymously to help the children of poor areas.
2. This server is not responsible for the loss of the remittance’s failure due to player’s personal reason. The server will also not answer for expenses or loss incurred in the inter-transactions among players.
3. If the players need to transact the game items in between, we don’t guarantee the transaction and also don’t accept payments in behalf of players. Players shall be responsible by themselves for the loss might be incurred then. The remittance of donator shall only load for his own accounts, not for others’ account. This server shall not be liable for the loss or dispute may be incurred.


Donation Value: 1 peso = 1 point

Step 1: choose the most convenient mode of payment for your donation

* Cash deposit to the following bank:
Note: Different branches may charge certain amount for deposits outside Metro Manila

Banco de oro
Account name: aron c.venales
Account number: 2560124420

Bank of Philippine Island
Account name: aron c. venales
Account number: 0279-143051

kind reminder: deposit your own unique amount to better differentiate your deposit from others,
so that we may process your transaction much more quickly.
ex: instead of deposit 1000, deposit 1001, 1002, or even 1000.25

Steps on how to deposit at bank [click for more details]

* Online or ATM inter-branch fund transfer

Step 1: first of all, you need to have a bank account and activate its online banking.

Step 2: you may enroll the Online/ATM fund transfer or phone banking for your personal account at the bank website or go to your account opening branch to apply this service.

Step 3: Request the enrollment of our account as your third party account

Step 4: Once the service is being activated, you may transfer the fund to us online or at ATM instead go to the bank.

For more details:

BANK - Website - Hotline
Bank of philippine island -
http://www.bpiexpressonline.com/ - 89100
Banco de oro -
http://www.bdo.com.ph/ - 6318000

* Smart Money

Card : 5299-6752-6290-1109



Step 1: Apply the Smart Money Card at the nearest Smart wireless center.

Step 2: When receive the Smart Money Card, Activate it at 8457777

Step 3: Load your Smart Money at Smart wireless center or any nearest Banco De Oro branch. If you have Banco De Oro account, you may activate the mobile banking in order to transfer the fund from your BDO account to your smart money card.

Step 4: At your smart mobile phone, send the amount of payment to our Smart Money Card.

How does Smart Padala Domestic work?

For senders:

1. Go to any Smart Padala Center then fill out a form (name, address, telephone number, Smart Money number* of Beneficiary). Submit a copy of your ID and pay sending fee as low as Php 10.

2. The Smart Padala Center will transfer cash to the Smart Money number of beneficiary via mobile phone.

* Globe GCASH – Please note that GCASH MONEY REMITTANCES are not accepted. We only accept GCASH MONEY TRANSFER. For remittances, please send via Cebuana.

Phone: 0905-2925178


To Register,

Text REG4-digit M-PIN/Mother’s Maiden Name/First Name/Lastname/address/tel no.and send to 2882

To Load

Go to your nearest Globe business center, fill up the form for deposits

To Pay

Text: Amout4-digit PINmessage and send to 2882917+7digit mobile no.

To inquire Balance

Text: BalPIN and send to 2882

* Padala Service:

Note: Choose your nearest padala center, fill up the form and send us your control # for the verification. The service fee charged is varied from the different padala center.

* Western Union (

Not Available

First Name: JHENELYN
Last Name: JIMENEZ
Phone: 0905-2925178

Phone: 0905-2925178
For Philippines local donation and Monday to Friday only

Step 2: Contact us on YM to Claim Epoints

To verify, please provide the following information as the required format:

Cash bank deposit:

BDO, Branch, Date, Time, Code, Amount, Your game user ID and server.

Ex: BDO, Pedro Gil Singalong Branch, Nov-25-2008, 13:57:52, (021N 622 1601 50), Php5000.00, User ID: xxxxxx and EN Server 1.

BPI, Branch, Date, Time, Code, Amount, Your game user ID and server.

BPI, Del Monte Branch, Dec-12-2008, 13:20:18, 324DGV01, Php1000.00, User ID: xxxxx and En Server 2

SmartMoney/Smart Padala: Date, Reference Number,Amount, UserID,Server
Ex.: Smart Money, php1000, jan23 1815H, ref#750859015737, username: andy123 and server: EN3

Globe GCash/Globe Padala: Date, Reference Number,Amount, UserID,Server
Ex.: GCASH, ref # 67022970 / amount 160 / server 2/ username: andy123 JAN.23
To the number: 0905-2925178

Western Union: Not Available


Philippine Agent Office time:
Monday-Saterday: 10:00AM – 6:00PM

Contact information:
* Claiming donations for all servers.

* Send your email to the above address as per your needs during holiday.

Or use livechat: